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Why did I leave FaceBook?

My Resolution for the New Year, and new Decade is that I am opting out of FaceBook. I deleted the apps from my mobile devices and will no longer post. Initially I shall not delete my account, primarily because it is very hard to do that.


  • I am increasingly annoyed with FB’s lack of recognition and understanding how social media has divided societies and impacted politics around the world.
  • I cut all adds on Facebook, but they are becoming ever more intrusive in attempting to monitor my privacy
  • Social media and mobile devices have had an awful impact on the younger generation.
  • My original use for FB was to keep in touch with my extended, internationally based, family Most of the younger generation had the sense to leave FB some time, ago. I am belatedly following their lead.
  • The upcoming 2020 elections in the USA is going to be very partisan. Although I don’t get any “news” on FB now, I don’t want to endure seeing anymore “share” notifications! I am VERY worried about the direction our country is going, whether lead by Right or Left.

I’ll maintain my Instagram account (yelromatx) for sharing the occasional pictures, but the majority of our pictures will continue to be posted on our website:

For references to why I came to the decision to opt out of social media on FaceBook:

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  1. John Gregory

    I whole heartedly agree with your comments on facebook and concern for our country/world and future generations. I have managed to avoid FB since it’s inception but have many friends that use it and at times missed out on things going on with them but I never got over my concerns of privacy and security.

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