At the end of June, I rode up to attend the 2021 BMW MOA Rally in Great Falls, Montana. It is just under 2,000 miles but because we were looking after Flynn and Georgie over the prior weekend I had only three days to do the ride.

This was my planned ride. You can follow my actual ride here.

Monday 21st June.

On June 21st, I left home at 4:45am to try and beat the heat in South Texas.

KBiK packed and ready to ride

It was 80 deg leaving the house so I was worried that it would get hot very quickly as soon as the sun came up. It had obviously rained as I went north past Navasota on Hwy 6 to Waco so it was quite pleasant in the 70s. Riding North on I-35 into Dallas, the sun came out and it heated back up into the mid-80s. Past Decatur on 287 it was overcast again and started raining hard in Wichita Falls so I pulled over to zip up my Aerostich and put on my lobster claw rain mitts.

By the time I reached Amarillo the sun was out again so the rain mitts came off. But the temperature stayed in the mid-60s all the way to the border with New Mexico.

I enjoyed listening to Dan Carlin’s “Supernova in the East” podcast and started listening to Andrew Weir’s new book “Hail Mary”.

After a 10 hour, 712 mile ride, I stayed overnight at a Best Western in Clayton, NM

720 mile ride from Houston to Clayton, New Mexico, June 2021

Tuesday, June 22nd

Made it to Cody, WY after a very long day and 800 miles. Started off at 5.45 am and at 51 deg so I was glad I always carry my Warm n’ Safe gear! Nice view of Capulin Volcano as the sun came up. Did not realize this corner of New Mexico is so high up. Nearly reached 7,000 feet on the pass north of Raton.

Sunrise, Capulin Volcano, New Mexico, June 2021

I-25 was horrible. They closed it south of Colorado Springs becasue of a major accident. I sat or crawled along for over an hour around the diversion that included a dirt road and a one lane low bridge where the tall semis were scrapping their roofs. 89 deg so bike went into the red and flashed for over an hour. We were hot! Traffic through Denver was awful. I am glad I am not going home that way.

Traffic disappeared as I came into Wyoming and it warmed up into the 90s so became a bit uncomfortable. Glad I had my 1 gallon hydration system to keep me reasonably comfortable. Why Wyoming has a 70 mph limit on its two lane roads is ridiculous! 80-85 mph most of the time.

After a 12 hour, 796 mile ride, I stayed overnight at a Best Western in Cody, WY

Chief Joseph and Beartooth tomorrow!

797 mile ride from Clayton to Cody, Wyoming, June 2021

Wednesday, June 23rd

Left Cody at 6:30am after enjoying the Best Western Breakfast. It was in the low 60s and partly overcast. Just a few vehicles going over Chief Joseph Pass plus one small Black Bear that ran across the road 50 yards in front of me.

Almost no traffic over Beartooth Pass but I did pass a slow group of five GSAs before the summit. I was attacked by a swarm of hungry mosquitos while changing batteries on my video cameras. The Montana side was a bit wet at the top after a recent rain shower but the lower section and the ride into Red Lodge was dry.

KBiK at the start of the Beartooth Pass in Wyoming

I enjoyed the ride through the rolling green foothills from Red Lodge to Columbus on MT 78 before heading west on I-90 to Big Timber. US 191 took me north to Harlowton where I took MT 12 west to White Sulphur Springs. I enjoyed MT 89 north to the highway into Great Falls.

400 mile ride from Cody to Great Falls, Montana, June 2021

I’ll enjoy the BMW MOA Rally for the next few days before heading home.