February was a busy month for us.

We really enjoyed David staying with us on his short break between finishing his assignment in Birmingham, UK and moving to Chicago, IL for his next project.

David and all his bags on the way to Chicago, Houston, Texas, February 2020

We hope to visit David in Chicago before he moves on to Virginia Beach in May.

I was not able to do all the motorcycle rides that I had planned as we had the joy of looking after our granddaughter Evie after Charlotte was admitted to hospital in anticipation for the birth of the twins!

Evie showed me how to enjoy KBiK!

Evie on KBiK with Andy, Houston, Texas, February 2020

February 12th was a special day with the birth of the twins, Flynn and Georgina. Charlotte recovered quickly and we hope to welcome Flynn and Georgie home in March!

Evie’s reaction to seeing pictures of Flynn and Georgie, Houston, Texas, February 2020