I attended the 2021 BMW MOA Rally in Great Falls, Montana. This was my second MOA Rally after attending the 2019 Rally in Lebanon, TN.

It was good to see the K1600 forum flag up at the canopy setup in the Chartered Club camping area. I was just setting up my tent when Jim Elliot arrived. He and his brother had ridden from Prescott, AZ and Kansas City, KS.

It was great to see old friends and meet some new riders but the rally itself was a disappointment. The location at Great Falls Expo Park was very noisy as it was on the approach to Malstrom Airforce Base and seemed to have railway lines on all sides. The noise of the aircraft, train horns and traffic was considerable, even late into the night.

The camping area was very crowded with tents pitched close together. It would have been intolerable if there had been more attendees. The number of vendors at the exhibition hall was considerably less than 2019 and the food trucks were limited and expensive. I did enjoy the Beerfest but even that was limited as some of the breweries ran out an hour before the event ended.

It was good to visit the famous Great Falls on the Missouri. The dam above the falls reduces to falls but it is easy to imagine how it must have been when first seen by Merriwether Lewis.

I also enjoyed the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Center on the south banks of the Missouri. It is an excellent exhibit of the expedition and the challenges it faced crossing to the Pacific and returning from August 31, 1803, to September 25, 1806.

Lewis and Clark Museum, BMW MOA Rally, Great Falls, Montana, June 2021

We also visited the Charles M Russell Museum and enjoyed seeing some of his paintings and a few of his sculptures. There was more western art by other contemporary and also modern artist which was interesting to see. The Museum also includes a great exhibit on the American Bison.

I left on Sunday 27th June for the three day ride home.