In late August, we had two Hurricanes form in the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Laura formed first in the outer Caribbean and then Marco formed east of the Yucatan peninsular. The tracks of both Hurricanes included the possibility of hitting Houston.

Luckily, Hurricane Marco was severely diminished by strong, high altitude winds and was downgraded to a tropical depression when it crossed into Louisiana.

However Hurricane Laura raced across the Caribbean south of Hispaniola into the Gulf of Mexico, were it rapidly strengthened into a Class 4 Hurricane with winds in excess of 150 miles per hour. The projected track included a strong probability of hitting the Houston area. Coastal counties including Galveston Island were evacuated. We made sure we were prepared to shelter in place, relying on our 24KVA generator to provide power in case of an outage.

Hurricane Laura, Houston, Texas, August 2020

We avoided a terrible disaster in Houston as Hurricane Laura turned north coming ashore in Louisiana south of Lake Charles as a Class 4 Hurricane.

Though it was a powerful hurricane, Laura was very small so we ended up having no direct impact on the Houston area. The devastation and damage in eastern Louisiana was terrible.