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Month: July 2020

New Tile in our Sun Room

In October 1997, we had a sunroom extension added to our house on Quiet Creek Dr. We have really enjoyed this room and believe it has kept us in the house we have lived in since 1988. After 22 years, some of the tiles broke so we decided to replace the with new tiles. We installed some natural travertine tiles form Turkey.

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Living with COVID-19

I believe we shall be living with COVID-19 until and if an effective vaccination is developed. We shall then need to ensure that 70-80% of the population receives this vaccine. I do not see this happening in less than two years.

So we need to learn to live with the virus. What we can do depends very much on our personal situation, but I do believe this is primarily a health problem so we should listen to the medical profession rather than politicians, social media or opinion warriors on cable news.

The Texas Medical Association released in late June some excellent guidelines on the risks of different activities. Note that these risks assume that these activities are following the recommended guidelines for social distancing (keeping 6ft away from others) and for wearing a mask

As hot spots of outbreaks of the virus occur, I hope these guidelines can be used by our political leaders to implement restrictions on the higher risk activities. If they will not enforce restrictions, it is up to us to use our common sense and act in a socially responsible way.

Texas Independence Trail

The Texas Independence Trail is a road route that links up the locations of the major events that led up to Texas becoming independent from Mexico in 1836. I had laid out a 880 mile route that took in the most important locations from the Alamo in San Antonio to the Texas Monument on the site of the Battle of San Jacinto east of Houston. I split the route into two days with an overnight spot in Gonzales, Texas.

Planned Texas Independence Trail Ride

On the last day in June, I rode south down the west side of Houston to Brazos Bend State Park and then on to Angleton and Freeport on the coast. I then turned east to ride along the coast, visiting the beach at San Bernard, Matagordo and Palacios.

Turning north east, I rode up to Victoria, the Battlefield at Fannin and the Presidio La Bahia at Goliad.

Texas Independence Trail Ride, Goliad, Texas, June 2020

Riding north into San Antonio the temperature was 96 degF and it was very uncomfortable, especially when I was slowed by traffic. The Alamo was a disappointment as it was all border up and under renovation. I turned west through Cibolo and Seguin to Gonzalez where I spent the night. 480 miles in 9 hours.

The forecast for the first of July was even hotter so I was on the road at 6:30am. I rode north through Luling and then turned west to Lockhart, Smithville, Winchester, Round Top and Burton. From Independence I rode into Washington on the Brazos where the Texas Independence charter was signed.

As It was getting very hot, I decided to cut short this day’s ride and rode home through Chapel Hill and Bellville. 254 miles in 5 hours.

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