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Month: June 2020

Ignoring Science

I feel one of the biggest problems we have in this country is an ignorance of science. While so many other countries have based their response to the COVID-19 pandemic on science, sometimes imperfectly, the USA Government at the Federal, State and Local level seems to have decided that Politics is more important. While I understand that sustaining the economy is important, I believe that the public health crisis takes precedence. You can recover an economy, you cannot recover dead grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, siblings and friends.

USA COVID-19 Cases
USA Covid-19 New Positive Cases per day

This graph created from data from the COVID Tracking Project shows that while the USA managed to “turn and flatten the curve” in March and April we never sustained this effort to reduce the daily new cases below 20,000 per day. Given the limited testing in April and May this to me showed we clearly still had a huge problem.

USA COVID-19 Tests Per Day

So when many States relaxed “stay-at-home” mandates in early May, ignoring both the Federal and their own guides for reopening, I knew we were going to have a major problem.

Texas – COVID-19 New Cases per day

I hope that we can soon stop ignoring science and bring back strict “stay-at-home” and business closures so we can flatten the curve to the point where a “trace and track” strategy can control the spread of the virus.

Remember, it took four years to end WW1, and six years to end WW2. I don’t see this new world war being any shorter or less devastating.

I continue to monitor the situation and publish the data

Evie, Flynn and Georgie

After returning from helping to move David to Virginia Beach, and enjoying a scenic drive home, we went into self-quarantine again for two weeks to ensure we had not been infected with Coronavirus while away from home. We were not able to see Evie, Flynn and Georgie during this quarantine period so we relied on great pictures Charlotte share with us.

Charlotte with Georgie and Flynn, Houston, Texas, June 2020

From mid-June it was great to again be able to interact with Evie, and to see how much Flynn and Georgie have grown.

Andy with Evie and Flynn, Houston, Texas, June 2020
Kathy with Georgie, Houston, Texas, June 2020
Andy with Flynn, Houston, Texas, June 2020

We look forward to seeing much more of Charlotte, James, Evie, Flynn and Georgie as the month progresses.

New Garmin Zumo XT GPS

I had been thinking about upgrading my Garmin Navigator V GPS on KBiK to the newer Navigator VI GPS but always balked at the price and what I considered the limited improvements over the Navigator V.

Then Garmin came out with the Zumo XT! This new GPS seemed to be the perfect replacement for the old Nuvi 2555 we used in the car and would also supplement the Navigator V on KBiK. Initially I thought I would replace the Garmin Montana GPS but decided to leave that in place.

Used it last week for a 3,500 drive by car up to Virginia Beach and back. Love the clear and bright screen. Very easy to use.

Installed my new Garmin Zumo XT GPS on KBiK. Used a Wunderlich Multipod mount that I bought a while back but had not used. It blocks the view of the speedometer, but I cannot remember when I bothered to last look at that!

Wired it into my PDM60 with my other farkles.

Installed Garmin Zumo XT GPS on KBiK, Houston, Texas, June 2020
Installed Garmin Zumo XT GPS on KBiK, Houston, Texas, June 2020
Installed Garmin Zumo XT GPS on KBiK, Houston, Texas, June 2020